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. reporting on obama care, allegations administration is trying to sal silence doubts about the rollout and edward snowden's latest bombshell. they listened in on friendly global leaders and american's top spy said there is nothing new. i'll talk to glenn greenwald, what he says. >>> catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world and catch this wave and you may land in the record books. i'll talk to a surfer on what it is like to hang ten on a 100-foot ocean wave, only here. >>> we begin with big new developments in the obama care story. this is different from the political war fair you see night after night on the partisan news channels because health care reform is so i'm fortablet we're doing what we can to turn down the noise and turn up the facts. item one, a document that clearly shows when the white house got the warning the website was a disaster in the making. >> reporter: cnn learned at the obama administration was warned in september the obama care website wasn't ready to go live. the main contractor, cgi issued this confidential report to the agency overs
in the making. >> reporter: cnn learned at the obama administration was warned in september the obama care website wasn't ready to go live. the main contractor, cgi issued this confidential report to the agency overseeing the rollout. it warned of risks and issues. the report gave the highest priority thing to things like we don't have access to monitoring tools, not enough time in schedule to conduct adequate performance testing and hub services are intermittently unavailable, short for the site isn't working sometimes. cgi in september said they are putting a team in place ato alert when the hub goes down. the head of cms, the agency that received the report kicked off testimony by saying she's sorry. >> we know consumers are edge tore purchase this coverage and millions of americans that attempted to use to shop and enroll, i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> reporter: marlin was peppered with questions about when she'll have rollout numbers for obama care. she stuck to a scrip. >> we'll have them available mi
the obama administration was going to do it. one of the things that i think is clear here, the obama administration has no trust in anything that the health industry tells them how to run a health plan. i think it's indicative of what happens when somebody tries to run a business who thinks they're smarter than you are. >> drew, why would the white house not be willing to do that? >> right now you it's the federal government that's the biggest customer for these insurance companies. government-backed plans accounted for 48% of health care policies last year, anderson, a number that's expected to grow this year and years to come. basically, the insurance companies were in position to just be quiet. >> have you heard from the white house about this? what's their side of the story? >> yeah, pushing back, jay carney just sent this note on allegations of white house pressure being placed on insurance executives. he writes that accusation is preposterous and inaccurate. plus it ignores the fact that every day insurance companies are talking about the rollout. in large part because they are
news under pressure. the obama administration has just authorized the release of
that the president didn't know about the eavesdropping on the german chancellor. president obama didn't know about certain aspects of the program, right? >> that's right. what the administration says in effect is that the president set the priorities and another official telling us he would have been briefed on the frame work of the program including that it may target the leaders of friends abroad without being told of the specific targets. that is what the administration is trying to circle here. i spoke to a senior official the nsa was necessarily going rogue here but that the white house understands it needs better guidance on policy priorities so they don't go beyond what the president approved of or was aware of. >> how concerned are u.s. officials about the diplomatic repercussions of this? >> they are very concerned. you have a delegation from the eu speaking about these issues. i spoke to one member who said that people in european capitals are confused and fearful of this kind of spying so they want explanations. i spoke to a former u.s. official who told me the u.s. has listing posts in
information. it is a much better way that the administration says going forward to gather this kind of information. >> and jim acosta, the white house has to also contend with the disastrous situation of the medical obama care. once again, a major disruption over the weekend. so what can you tell us about this part of the story? >> well, health and human services, their folks are now saying that the data services hub over at teramark, which is a subsidiary of verizon, that provides some of the capabilities, that that data services hub is back up and running again. and they are continuing to work on the larger issues with the obama care website. and that is all the millions of people trying to get in there and file applications and get enrolled for coverage. but meanwhile, wolf, there is an issue on the horizon, people are getting notices letting them know their insurance programs they have now are being cancelled or modified. and in many cases, their rates are going up. people are complaining about this. the white house is responding, saying yes this is going to happen to people bec
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6